Right! Enough is enough!

I am doing it! Stopping procrastination and finding another bunch of excuses why not to continue creating my blog! My first two posts were written in January…and it’s the end of May already!!! Not sure what this blog will be about but it doesn’t really matter.

Life is happening NOW and we experience so many lovely things every single day but when we don’t acknowledge and share them with others, they just pass by unnoticed. And to me life is all about the little things.

My neighbor Mark has done something very nice for everyone in our building and I would like to share it with you. By the way, it’s not very common to know your neighbors when living in London because people are always in a hurry, they move a lot, ect so I do appreciate the fact that I know the people living under my roof.

Mark bought the little sunflower plants (mine is on the picture below) so everyone could plant them in our huge garden and give them names. He even organized bamboo sticks for the support. Everything paid from his own pocket, without expecting anything in exchange. I enjoyed planting my sunflower into the ground. I think there is something magical in working in the garden, it’s very therapeutic and rewarding.

This nice gesture has pushed me into creating this post… and I am really happy I did. I feel blessed!

Meet Annabelle!



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