Just over two years ago I started working on my mindset and looked for ways of improving my life. I started listening to inspirational content, speakers like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, to name a few. I read non-fiction personal development books and network with other people who want to improve their lives. It’s so inspirational and it helped me on so many different levels.

I wanted to bring something exciting into my life…I wanted to create! One summer’s day back in July 2014 I decided that I wanted to paint! You heard me! I wanted to paint! Just like that! This feeling came completely out of the blue…I did some quick research online to check what do I needed as I had no clue. So I went to one of the art stores in Shoreditch where I used to live and bought some acrylic paints, a few brushes and some canvas.

Somehow I knew that I was capable of painting and it would be good to try. I am sure many of you know that gut feeling I am referring to. Strangely enough I had never shown any special talents towards painting in my school years. I do remember sketching an image of a horse, but that is about it. I saw a nice image and decided to create my version of it. See the result below:

pic1 Boat at the sunset

It felt like it was a breakthrough moment, an amazing feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I found a new passion in my life. We need to remind ourselves how resourceful we are, listen to our inner voice and tap into our creativity. I believe that deeply inside, everybody is creative. We were all born creative but we somehow kill it with being too serious as adults tackling everyday problems.

If you are not feeling content or excited in your life, listen to your inner voice, the inner child inside of you. You already have everything that you need within to better yourself. Start today! Start now!

…so I continue my exciting journey of self-discovery, creating my energy signature. Come, join me and leave a comment telling me what excites you in your life.

Take care


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